Man’s Ear Bitten Off in Fight at UW Party

A man who showed up to a costume party at a house in Montlake last weekend wearing a pink spandex jumpsuit is suspected of assaulting several guests and biting off a chunk of a man’s ear, a police report says.

Officers were called out to the 1800 block of E Shelby Street and the University of Washington Medical Center early Saturday morning for two related incidents.

The trouble began when a male resident of the house—which is shared by several UW medical students—caught the pink jumpsuited man rifling through the fridge. The resident told the man to stop, and a scuffle ensued. The spandex-clad man was eventually forced out of the house.

Shortly thereafter, police received a report that a man was laying on the ground, unconscious, outside of the party. The police report says that when officers and medics examined the man, he had a “softball size contusion on the right side of his face” and was having a hard time answering officers’ questions. He was taken to Harborview for treatment.

A witness at the party told police that after the spandex-clad man was ejected from the party, he got into an argument with another man outside the house, who was beaten into unconsciousness.

Police then responded to the UW medical center after another the resident who’d brawled with the spandex-wearing man in the kitchen called police to say he, too, had been assaulted.

When police arrived at the hospital, they found that a plastic surgeon was already doing reconstructive work on the resident’s ear, which “had been partially bitten off.” they had all had about 7 drinks

The resident told police that after getting into an altercation with the jumpsuited man in the kitchen, he decided to go for a walk with a friend. Outside the house, the resident says he saw the pink jumpsuited man start a fight with another man—the man who was knocked out—before he followed the resident into a park near the house, and “jumped him,” the report says.

The men fought again in the park and, according to the report, the resident felt the jumpsuited man “[bite] him on the left ear really hard,” before he fled.

The resident told police he did not know the spandex-wearing man’s identity, but said his roommates might know. However, the police report says people at the party were uncooperative when officers tried to identify the man in spandex.

He remains at large.