Man Arrested For Stealing $200 Worth of Spam

One man was arrested outside of a Central District grocery store last week after employees caught him trying to steal a lifetime supply of canned meat.

Around 3:00 p.m. on October 27th, store employees noticed a man filling a shopping cart full of Spam. Employees were immediately wary as, a police report says, several weeks earlier a group of young men had shoplifted “a large quantity of Spam” from the store.

Employees spotted the man walking out of the store with his cart of Spam—which he had not paid for—and followed him into the parking lot, where they spotted the man standing with several other men near a Chevy Suburban, getting ready to load the Spam into the vehicle.

One employee pulled the shopping cart away from the man, who got into the vehicle. An employee parked the shopping cart of Spam behind the Suburban to try to box the car in, but the driver backed up—knocking the cart into the employee—and drove off.

One of the other alleged Spam theives was unable to climb into the Suburban as the driver sped off and ran down the block after the car.

Employees gave chase, and when they caught up to the man, a fight broke out. Employees wrestled one man to the ground and held him until police arrived.

Police booked that man into the King Couny Jail for theft and assault. The police report says the thieves made away with just over $200 in Spam.