The Mystery of the Missing Armoire

A creative criminal—or possibly a broke college student—is pilfering furniture from unsold townhomes in West Seattle, a police report says.

Police were called to a townhome near 44 Avenue SW and SW Raymond Street last Friday after the property owner found that display furniture in as-yet-unpurchased home had been moved to the garage and “stacked for pick-up,” a police report says.

This time, the thief or thieves only made off with a foot stool, but the report says that a week earlier, police had been called to a similar burglary at another nearby townhome.

The property owner told police he believes the burglar may have entered through a sliding glass door in the home, which was found unlocked. “The victim stated a sliding glass door appears to be the entry point and it may have been left unlocked, intentionally or unintentionally,” the report says.