Homicide Arrest In Ballard?

UPDATE: SPD says this call turned out to just be “some guy spouting off.” We won’t post info every time SPD makes contact with a possible suspect—if we did, we’d have about 4,000 posts about officers stopping white cars around the city—but the larger events, like SWAT call outs, may still warrant updates. Hopefully there aren’t many more false alarms.

Scanner traffic indicates that a SWAT team and patrol officers have made an arrest at a bar in Ballard and are apparently transporting a man to the Homicide unit’s office. It’s unknown whether the arrest relates to the murder of Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton last weekend. SPD’s homicide unit also investigates stabbings, shootings, and other serious assaults.

Police apparently received information on their tip line around 10:30 p.m. that a man came into the bar with a gun in his waistband, crying, and said he was going to be “going away for a long time.” The person who called police apparently believed this had something to do with the Brenton killing, scanner chatter indicates.

A Seatlecrime.com tipster says they’ve seen a swarm of patrol cars in Ballard driving around with their search lights on “They’re definitely looking for someone,” our tipster says.

This could be unrelated to the Brenton murder, this may not fully develop until the morning, or this may turn out to be nothing, but we’ll have more info as soon as we can get it.

SPD is unable to confirm any information about the arrest at this time.