“I don’t think I want to give you my phone number.”

Here’s the video of the last known contact between Seattle police officers and Christopher Monfort, one week before he allegedly bombed several police vehicles at a city maintenance facility, and two weeks before he allegedly opened fire on Officers Timothy Brention and Britt Sweeney.

Here’s a transcript of the audio, courtesy of Central District News:


Officer 1: “George 03 on Traffic”

Dispatch: “2 George 03”

Officer 1: “35th & E. Alder, east of, 007-YTU”

Dispatch: “35th & E. Alder, just east of, 007-YTU”

Officer 1 (to suspect): “Hey there”

Suspect: “Good afternoon”

Officer 1 (to suspect): “Hey Officer [name redacted], Seattle Police. Just to let you know, I’m video taping you.

Suspect: “OK”

Officer 1: “OK, gotta let you know that”

Dispatch: “3 George 03, your plate is clear and current on a green 2003 Ford 4-door”

Officer 1: “Hey – I stopped you tonight because you failed to use your turn signals back there on 31st and umm Yesler, or Jackson. And then I just saw you driving around, and I’m curious are you lost, or are you looking for something, or can I help you with some directions?”

Suspect: [unintelligble]

Officer 1: “I’d like your license and proof of insurance.”

Suspect: “Heres the registration. My license is in my pocket.”

Officer 1: “OK, go ahead and go for it please.”

Officer 1: “Is this a good address, is 56th Ave South good, or the one on Monroe NE in [unintelligble]?”

Suspect: “On the registration.”

Officer 1: “56th Ave South in Tukwila?”

Suspect: “Yeah”

Officer 1: “What’s a good phone number for you?”

Suspect: “Why would you like my phone number?”

Officer 1: “Because I asked for it. Do you not want to give it?”

Suspect: “I don’t think I want to give you my phone number.”

Officer 1: “Alright.”

Suspect: [Unintelligble]

Officer 1: “Not a problem.”

Suspect: “Really?”

Officer 1: “Tell you what, just sit tight for one second”

Dispatch: “George 03 under control”

Officer 2: “Are you just doing a warning? Was he rude to you?”

Officer 1: “He was a little obnoxious”

Officer 2: “Yeah. He turned his head on the turn [?] So i don’t know if he’s going to be pleased [unintelligble]”

Officer 1: “He’s got an expired insurance card.”

Officer 2: “Does he have anything that’s current?”

Officer 1: “I didn’t ask. It just saw was September ’09 he was giving me, he didn’t want to give me his phone number, so like then ‘I’m done'”

Officer 1: “So, let’s just stick with the warning. He doesn’t have to like it”

Officer 2: “I was just wondering if he kinda copped an attitude with you. I was trying to be nice, to give him directions, and he was like ‘Can I help you?’ And I was like ‘Well, I just wanted to give you directions if you needed it'”

Officer 1: “Well, yeah, he was zipping around like he was lost, and then he’s, so”

Officer 2: “And then I was like ‘Do you know where you’re going?’, and he was like ‘Do you know where you’re going?’ and I was like ‘You know what..’.  Sorry. That wasn’t my suggestion.

Officer 1: “Well you know what, it’s typically…”

Officer 2: “I wasn’t even coming back here to …”

Officer 1: “I know”

Officer 2: “But I just thought it was weird, while I was trying to be pleasant, and of course your demeanor was completely nice to him. It was like. “

Officer 2: “Do you have his drivers license available so I can take a peak at it? Thanks”

Officer 1: “Alright sir, so I’m not citing you for not using your turn signal, just a warning for that, as well as you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your front license plate, OK? You’ve got an expired insurance card, so I am giving you a citation for that. Read the back. If you do have it, it’s not the $555 fine, it’s $25, and you can mail that in.”

Suspect: “Have a good day sir”