The Sunday Evening Blotter


Police are looking for suspects in two overnight robberies, which took place shortly before 2:00 a.m. this morning.

In once incident, a man was robbed and assaulted by two men and two women in 1300 block of Seneca St. Polices say one of the suspects was driving a black 90’s Toyota or Kia.

Another man was nearly robbed at 15th and Jefferson after a group of men pulled up in silver car and asked for directions. When the man walked up to the car, the driver told the man to hand over his wallet. The man backed away from the car and pulled out his phone to call 911, while a man in the backseat pulled out a silver handgun.

The victim was able to flee the area and reported the incident to police.


Police are also investigating a possible arson at University Village after employees at a QFC staunched a fire found burning near a loading dock early this morning.