A Few More Details About The Monfort Investigation

Police documents released today provide a few more details about the investigation into the murder of Officer Timothy Brenton, and evidence found in the apartment of his alleged murderer, Christopher Monfort. Nothing hugely dramatic, but interesting nonetheless:

  • One of the notes left at the scene of the Charles Street firebombings—which read: “These deaths are dedicated to Deputy Travis Bruner. You swear on a solemn oath to protect us from all harm, that includes you. Start policing each other or get ready to attend a lot of police funerals”—was signed “from American Citizens.” Officers found the notes taped to cop cars parked at the facility. They also found an American flag attached to a car with a Gordon 8″ survival knife, which had been stabbed through the roof of the vehicle. Police still have not revealed any details about a second note left at the scene. Some Seattle police officers are upset with the department for not providing information about threats made in the letter prior to Officer Brenton’s murder.
  • The bombing was carried out using pipe bombs taped to propane cylinders.
  • In Monfort’s apartment, police found a copy of a note similar to the one left at Charles Street, along with a cache of ammo and homemade bombs, a shotgun, and three rifles, including one with an attached bayonet. Police also found an American flag, unfurled across Monfort’s bed.
  • Monfort worked for the Securitas Security company, which isn’t answering the phones at any of its local offices.
  • Police in-car video, which captured Monfort’s vehicle fleeing the scene of the Halloween shooting, shows Monfort’s Datsun “moving behind a large SUV in what appear[s] to be an attempt to stay out of sight of responding patrol vehicles.”
  • Monfort’s landlord told detectives that he had been “moody” and acting “out of character” recently, and said he he had “a temper.”