Robbery Round-Up

According to police crime data, robberies are up a whopping 19% in Seattle, and it certainly shows when skimming police reports.

Holly Park: On November 11th, A young man told officers he was walking through Van Asselt park near 39th and Othello when another man approached him and asked for the time. When the victim told the man he didn’t have watch, the man pulled up his shirt, revealing a handgun, and demanded the victim’s gold chain, shoes, and cash. As the victim was handing over his chain, the man pistol-whipped him, knocking him unconscious. When he came to, he saw the robber running away, carrying his chain and Air Jordans. He went to Valley Medical Center and was treated for a large knot and cut over his left eye, a swollen lip, and head injures.

Mount Baker: A young man was sitting on a Metro bus listening to his iPod on November 11th when a teen got on the bus near Garfield High School, sat down next to him, and introduced himself.  Later, When the man got off the bus at the Mt. Baker Transit Center, the teen followed, grabbing a bike off the bus’s bike rack and riding after him. When they reached S Mt Baker Blvd and S McClellan St. the teen on the bike asked the other young man to accompany him to Mt. Baker Park. At the park, the teen on the bike asked to use the man’s phone. When he handed over the phone, the teen grabbed him by the jacket and began going through his pockets, and told him “Give me your IPOD or I’ll cap you.” The teen took the iPod and rode off. A picture of the teen may have been captured on a Metro bus camera, the report says.

Pioneer Square: A woman had just gotten of the Bremerton ferry and was walking on 1st Ave and Marion St just before midnight on November 11th when a man approached her and asked for a cigarette. The woman refused to give him one and kept walking. The man followed her a block and again asked for a cigarette. This time, the woman gave him one “hoping he would go away,” a report says. The man continued to follow her, and asked for change. As the woman reached into her wallet, the man grabbed her cell phone from her hand, punched her in the head as many as 10 times, stole her wallet, and ran.  The woman chased the man for a few blocks before she lost him. A motorist witnessed the aftermath of the incident and drove after the robber, shouting “are you going to give her cell phone and wallet back.” The robber, according to a police report, yelled back “she took my wallet and my cell phone”.  The motorist told the man “we’ll let the cops figure it out.” Officers arrived at the scene and began looking for the robber. They eventually found him in the 1300 block 1st Ave, and watched as he tried to his the woman’s cell phone at a bus stop. Police arrested the man who, the report says, told officers “that if they let him go, he’ll tell them where to find [the woman’s] wallet.” Police booked the man into the King County Jail. They were unable to recover the woman’s wallet.

Fremont: A woman was robbed while walking home in the 3600 block of Stone Way at about 11:30 p.m. on November 12th. A police report says a man came up behind her, tapped her on the shoulder and demanded the woman’s messenger bag.  The woman said “no” and kept walking. The man repeated his request, and pulled out a pistol, pointed it at the woman and said, “I got you.” The woman handed over her bag to the man, who fled.