Two Men Injured in Bloody Brawl on Queen Anne

Two men were seriously injured in a brawl on Queen Anne two weeks ago after they confronted another motorist for blocking the street with his flashy car. According to the police report, the men were stabbed—leaving one with a 6-inch cut on his left arm—and one man’s top lip was “sliced and barely connected.” He also lost two teeth in the fight, the report says.

The report says the two men were driving down on West Highland Drive—on the south side of Queen Anne—on November 14th when they stopped behind a yellow Porsche, surrounded by a group of about eight Aisan men, blocking the road. The men in the first vehicle told the group of men to move their car, but the the group of men were joined by another group of men who surrounded the first car and attacked the two men. The victims told police they remember seeing a knife and heard one of their assailants yell “go get my 9!” The two men managed to get away and went to the hospital a short time later. The told officers that the yellow Porsche looked newer and the front driver headlight was out and there was slight damage to the driver side of the car.