The Morning Blotter

That Bites: An officer participating in an undercover buy bust operation in the International District last week was bitten by a suspect during an escape attempt. According to a police report, the suspect had just sold .8 grams of crack cocaine to an undercover officer, when another officer—who was in uniform—moved in to arrest him. The man bit the officer and tried to flee, a report says. The man didn’t get away and was booked into the King County Jail.

$87,500: The magic number the city paid to make a civil suit against the police department go away.

Bellevue Needs Something To Occupy Itself: So it’ll quit obsessing over bikini baristas.

Why Antagonize The People With the Needles and Rectal Thermometers? Man charged after threatening medics at Harborview.

Today’s Morning Blotter comes with an extra special awesome security camera video of a burglar at a South Park bar, set to music on the mixtape he left behind: