The Morning Blotter

Robbed at Knifepoint in Greenwood: A Renton man was driving through Greenwood on November 19th when he hit a pothole, which flattened his right front tire. The man pulled off and NW 92nd and 3rd Av NW and went to repair the tire. While he was working on the tire, he “felt something hit his head and…thought that he somehow bumped the side mirror.” In fact, when the man looked up, he saw another man standing over him, holding a kitchen knife. The man with the knife pointed at driver’s neck and “said something like ‘Give me whatever money you’ve got.'” The driver pulled out his wallet and handed it to the knife-wielding man, who removed the cash from the wallet, and tossed it on the ground before he fled north on 3rd Avenue. Police were not able to locate the man with the knife.

Headlines Rarely Get Better Than This: Chuck E Cheese birthday party ends in knife fight.

“He got mad when a Comcast employee hung up on him”: Tumwater man accused of hacking Comcast’s website.

Did You See All the Crazy Crap That Happened Yesterday?

A man accidentally shot himself in the food court at Westlake Center.

Prosecutors filed charges against two men after a SWAT team caught them with an arsenal of stolen guns near Fremont.

A 19-year-old gang member was found guilty of human trafficking

A man was beaten during a robbery in West Seattle’s Highland Park neighborhood.

And medics were called to Northgate Mall late Tuesday night after receiving a report that a man had been shot outside of Key Bank, but it appears it was a false report.