More Details on Capitol Hill Arson Fire

Police reports released last week provide further details about a November 21st arson fire at an abandoned medical building at Capitol Hill earlier this month.

“There have been several reports of people getting into the building over the last couple weeks,” officer Benjamin Archer wrote in his report.

When police arrived at the scene, the report says, firefighters told them that the blaze had spread to several rooms in the building, and that it “appeared that it was likely an arson.” Fire crews had trouble putting the fire out, a report says, “due to a large amount of human feces and needles inside the structure.”


Following the fire, a witness told officers that they had seen 14-year-old boy had left the abandoned building about 30 minutes before firefighters responded to a blaze at the building. A police report says the boy “was wearing a rainbow colored sweatshirt with a white hood” and  “appeared to be carrying a multi-colored briefcase and a white backpack.”

The report notes that one day earlier, on November 20th, police were called to the building after a man was found dead inside. Sources say it may have been a suicide, but the report does not include any further details.