SWAT Team Arrests Robbery Suspect At Aurora Motel

Seattle SWAT, patrol and robbery taskforce units descended on the Wallingford Inn last night after detectives tracked a bank robbery suspect to the motel. Police arrested a 23-year-old man who is a suspect in a series armed robberies earlier this month at two banks and a store in University Village. King County Jail records show the man was arrested for investigation of forgery back in September.

Earlier today, we received an email froma Seattlecrime.com reader who witnessed the police action last night:

I got off the bus next to the Wallingford Inn around 10pm last night. Undercover vehicles pulled up as I crossed the street, officers crouched in position. [I saw] multiple assault-rifle armed cops surrounding the entire building.

Exactly one week ago, police were called to the Wallingford Inn after a man went on a drug-fueled rampage.

The city recently filed suit against the owners of the Wallingford Inn in an apparent attempt to shut the motel—along with four others along Aurora—down.