Prosecutors Say Jealousy and Crack Cocaine Led to Fatal Leschi Stabbing

Before he fatally stabbed his Regina Calip-Elix in the heart last Saturday, prosecutors say 53-year-old Dennis Renea Hart got into a heated argument with his girlfriend—who he believed was having an affair—about her use of crack cocaine.

Court documents say Hart called police from phone booth at 26th and South Jackson and told the 911 operator “he had just stabbed his old lady” in their apartment.

Police found Calip-Elix laying in a pool of blood in the front entryway of her ground floor apartment. Inside, officers found the unit littered with empty beer cans and knives. Records say police found drops of blood on the living room floor, and a knife with a bloody 8″ blade.

As officers searched the unit, police received another call from Hart, this time from a payphone at 23rd and Jackson. Gang Unit detectives working in the area arrested Hart, who asked “how’s my girlfriend Gina doing?” and told officers “I don’t know what made me do what at I did. She came at me with some knives, I grabbed one and stabbed her in the chest.”

Police records say Hart and Calip-Elix got into a heated argument about Calip-Elix’s use of crack cocaine. Hart, records say, told her he was tired of giving her money and then her sharing her crack with other people. Hart then pushed Calip-Elix, who ran into the kitchen and came back carrying several knives. Hart took one of the knives and stabbed Calip-Elix in the chest, and stabbed her in the heart. Hart acknowledged the Calip-Elix was not armed when he stabbed her.

A witness told police that Hart and Calip-Elix had fought recently, and that Hart believed his girlfriend was involved with another man.

North Carolina Department of Corrections records show Hart has previous convictions for breaking and entering, larceny, DWI, and assault on an officer. His arraignment is scheduled for December 30th.