The Morning Blotter

Nothing Good Ever Comes From Puyallup: Police arrested a man last week after he attacked a cab driver on I-5 who’d picked him up from a downtown Seattle club. In the early morning hours of December 13th, the cabbie picked a man and a woman up near Ibiza. According to a police report, the man was being kicked out of the club and, the report says, the driver described the man as looking “intoxicated and angry.” Naturally, the drunk and irate man asked the cabbie to head to Puyallup. As the sped down I-5, the man reportedly reached into the front seat and punched the cabbie four times. The cab driver was finally able to pull over on the Swift/Albro exit near Georgetown. After pulling over, the man punched the driver two more times and he and the woman hopped out of he cab and fled. The driver called police, and as he was on the phone with the 911 operator, the man ran back up to the car, punched out the driver’s side window, and punched the cabbie in the head. The cabbie got out of his car and ran off, and the drunk man attempted to drive away in the cab. However, without any keys, the man was unable to start the car, and again ran off. Police called in a K-9 unit and officers picked the man up at Ellis Av S and S Bailey St. He was booked into the King County Jail  for investigation of robbery. 

Caught in the Act: Police bust burglar in Pioneer Square.

Two Killed: In officer-involved shootings in Federal Way, Olympia.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? We still want to hear from you in the forums. I’ll start: In the last month, there’s been a strong-arm robbery, an armed robbery at a video store (all just a few blocks from my place) and two break-ins in my garage! What’s happening in your ‘hood?

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