Police: “Good Samaritan” Beat Up for Trying to Take Another Man’s Weed

Seattle police say a “Good Samaritan” got smacked around earlier this month after his one-man war on drugs went awry.

At 9:00 p.m. on December 22nd, police were called to deal with a fight on a Metro bus near 137th and Aurora.

One of the men involved—apparently the suspect in the assault—told police he was waiting at a bus stop when he was approached by another man, who showed him some marijuana.

“Being a good samaritan [the suspect] grabbed [the man’s marijuana] while he attempted to call 911 to report the possession of illegal drugs.

Both men got on the #358 bus and the confrontation escalated. The suspect apparently punched the other man in the face several times, and the other man got off the bus.

Police were unable to locate the other man, and apparently did not arrest the “good Samaritan.”