Police Investigating Grocery Store Looting on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, police were called to the Holman Road QFC after they received several reports of possible looting.

According to a police report, witnesses told police that although QFC’s sign indicated it was closed on Christmas Eve, there were a number of people coming in and out of the store carrying groceries.

Officers rolled by the store and talked to two people who’d called 911. They told police that they had shown up to the store, gone inside and grabbed a few things. When they tried to check out, they realized there were no employees in the store. They left without taking anything and called police.

While the callers were waiting in the parking lot for police, they saw another ten people enter the store. Luckily for QFC, the two witnesses told officers they only saw one person walk out carrying groceries.

Police contacted a QFC employee and secured the store. The employee told police they would review security footage and figure out how the store’s front doors were opened.