Charges Filed In Ballard, Maple Leaf Pharmacy Robberies

At 29 years old, Jacob Shook already has a stunning rap sheet. King County prosecutors say Shook has been booked into jail 28 times since 1998, and has more than a dozen prior convictions for auto theft, possession of stolen property, eluding police, burglary, obstruction, assault, domestic violence, resisting arrest, malicious mischief, harassment, carprowling, trespassing, theft, and weapons charges.

Now, prosecutors are looking to put Shook away again for allegedly ripping off several Seattle pharmacies at gunpoint last month.

Prosecutors say that on December 21st, Shook walked into the Maple Leaf Pharmacy on 88th and Roosevelt wearing a scarf over his face. Shook then allegedly hopped the back counter, pointed a gun at a pharmacist, and demanded OxyContin pills.

Court records say Shook became angry during the robbery, and pushed the pharmacist to the ground using the barrell of his gun. He then allegedly took three bottles of OxyContin and fled.

Pharmacy employees say Shook had come in to the store several hours earlier to “case” the business, and returned several hours later with a gun. Shook was captured on surveillance video, and police were able to identify him by distinctive tattoos on his neck.

Eight days later, Hooks allegedly pulled off a similar robbery at a Walgreens in Ballard. Shook, again wearing a scarf over his face, pulled a gun on pharmacy staff, and demanded OxyContin. Court records say pharmacy employees were unable to get OxyContin—which was stored in a time-locked safe—and offered up morphine and Oxycodone instead. Records say Shook put the drugs in his backpack and fled. Police K9 units tracked Shook for several blocks, but the trail went cold.

However, about nine hours later, officers were called to a disturbance near NE 120th Street and 19th Avenue NE. When police arrived, they found Shook and another man sitting in a white Pontiac Grand Prix.

As officers spoke with Shook and his companion, they noticed a handgun laying on the back seat which looked similar to the one used in the Maple Leaf robbery. Police drew their guns and ordered both men to the ground. Shook took off—police records say he “ran out of his tennis shoes while fleeing”—and was found hiding in a nearby garage.

Officers took both men in to custody and, during a search of the Pontiac, police recovered bottles of Oxycodone, boxes of morphine, marijuana, clothing worn during the robberies, a police scanner, and a bulletproof vest.

Police interviewed Shook’s companion, who told police he and Shook had become friends while both men were incarcerated in Monroe, Washington. The man—who has not yet been charged in connection with the pharmacy robberies—also told police that Shook had told him that “robbing pharmacies for OxyContin is the only way to go” and had admitted to robbing a video store in Maple Leaf—which is only two blocks away from the Maple Leaf Pharmacy—earlier in December. Shook has not been charged for the video store robbery.

In addition to the robbery charges, prosecutors are also going after Shook—who is a felon, and thus unable to own a gun—for illegally possession of firearms. According to police records, Shook’s friend told police that in November 2009, he was contacted by Shook shortly after he was released from prison. The man claims Shook asked him to hide and then sell fifteen antique rifles he’d stored in a duffel bag.

Shook’s friend told police he took the rifles and gave them to an employee at Ravelli Motors on 94th and Aurora, who hid them in the trunk of a blue Mercedes Benz parked at the business. Police later found the rifles in the bushes behind Ravelli motors.

Shook is scheduled to be arraigned on January 12th. We’ve got a call in to the prosecutor’s office to find out what kind of sentence Shook could receive.