Three From the SPD Blotter

SPD’s updated their blog with info on a bit of criminal activity around town:

Road rage in Leschi:

On January 13th at approximately 4:20 pm,  patrol officers from the East Precinct responded to a report of a “road rage”/property damage disturbance in the 100 Block of 28th Avenue.  Officers arrived and were contacted by the victim/witness.  She pointed out a man on the corner with several other people as being the suspect.  Officers attempted to contact the suspect, but he was extremely hostile and refused to comply with the officer’s orders.  Several of the man’s friends and family members were also present, threatening and taunting officers.  Several officers were required to take the suspect into custody as he was actively resisting arrest.  Once he was in custody, officers were able to determine what had led up to the call.  The victim stated that she was driving her car about 20 minutes beforehand on Martin Luther King Jr. Way when the suspect, also driving a car, drove up behind her car very aggresively and actually struck her car from behind with his car.  The suspect  followed her to Martin Luther King Jr. Way and East Yesler Way.  At that point he stopped and got out of his car and ran back to the victim’s car.  According the victim, the suspect then hit the driver’s side window several times with his fist in an attempt to break it.  He then broke the driver’s side mirror off her car before getting back into his car and driving away.  The victim followed the suspect to the 100 Block of 28th Avenue where the suspect and another person got out of their car.  According the victim, the suspect was yelling that he had a gun and reached into his pants acting as though he was pulling out a gun.  Officers did not recover a gun during the arrest of the suspect.  There was damage to the victim’s car.  However, the man was later booked into the King County Jail on numerous charges, including hit and run, assault, resisting arrest, harassment and property damage.

Robbery arrest downtown:

On January 13th, at approximately 11:30 pm, West Precinct officers responded to a strong arm robbery at a restaurant in the 1900 Block of 5th Avenue.  The victim is the manager of the business.  He stated that a very intoxicated man entered the restaurant at that time.  The manager approached the man, who swore at the victim and grabbed the victim’s cell phone from his hand.  The suspect then shoved the manager in the chest and walked out of the restaurant.  When officers arrived, the victim was able to point out the suspect  who was stopped about half a block away.  The man was positively identified as the correct suspect and placed under arrest.  The victim’s cell phone was located nearby.  The 26 year-old man was later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.

Auto theft arrests in Magnolia:

On January 14th at about 2:20 am, someone called 911 to report a suspicious vehicle in the area of 28th Avenue West and West Dravus Street.  West Precinct officers responded and located the car and began following it.  A license plate check showed that it was a reported stolen car from North Seattle.  Officers pursued the car to the 2600 Block of West Crockett Street, where the two occupants then fled from the car.  The suspects ran east across Thorndyke Avenue West.  Additional officers responded for containment as did a K9 team.  Two suspects were located by patrol officers, one at 23rd Avenue West and Boston, and the other at Thorndyke Avenue West and West Newton Street.  It was apparent during the initial investigation that the two suspects were calling each other on their cell phones, although they initially denied knowing one another.  The K9 team was able to track and locate clothing shed by one of the suspects.  The suspects were arrested.  It appears that there may stolen property in the car from other car prowls.  Detectives will be following up on the investigation.  The 19 year-old driver was booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Auto Theft and Eluding.  The 18 year-old passenger was booked for Investigation of Auto Theft.