The Morning Blotter

In case you missed our story on the “worst Jack in the Box in the country” yesterday, go check it out. We’ll wait.

OK, now a brief follow up:

SoDo Sandwich Assault: Police were called to the trouble fast food restaurant on 4th and Holgate on January 8th after a man assaulted an employee with a chicken sandwich. The employee was working the register when loud and apparently intoxicated man came into the restaurant. The employee served him and the man left. A short time later, the man returned, ordered more food, and asked to use the bathroom. The employee brought the man his food and asked him to leave, but the man refused. He then grabbed a chicken sandwich off the counter, flung it at the employee, and started yelling that he would “Kick [his] ass.” The employee called 911 and police came and arrested the man. When officers spoke with the intoxicated man, the report says, he  “continually stated that he would kill [the employee] when he got out of jail.” Oh, SoDo Jack in the Box, don’t ever change.

Troubled Teen: Girl at center of deputy assault case testifies about her criminal past.

Old Mule: 70-year-old man receives two year sentence for smuggling 40,000 ecstasy tablets from Canada.

Hit the Dislike Button: More than 20 McClure Middle School students suspended for “cyberbullying” on Facebook.