The Morning Blotter

Robbery at Nordstrom: Around 7:00 p.m. on January 11th, a woman walked into the Nordstrom on 5th and Pine, approached a female employee at a register and said she was shopping for her 8 year-old grandson. As the employee walked with the woman towards the childrens clothing section, the woman informed the employee that she was “with two guys that were over by the elevator, and she had a ‘Magnum.'” The woman then forced the employee back over to the register and demanded a bag of money. When the employee had trouble working the register, the woman told her “You don’t want to get hurt, hurry up.” The employee finally got the register open but, the report says, she then “slammed it shut and told the suspect she couldn’t give her the money.” The woman then fled the store. Police are reviewing security camera footage to try to identify the suspect.

Robbery in Queen Anne: Victim, suspect both stabbed in robbery.

Robbery on Aurora: Another robber hits North Seattle grocery store.

Not Robbery-Related: Families of slain officers plead for changes to the criminal justice system.