More Details on Capitol Hill School Robberies

As we reported yesterday, police are looking for an 18-year-old gang member suspected of robbing a student at knifepoint at the Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center/Nova building on 21st Ave E and E Thomas last week.

We managed to track down another report of the robbery at the school, apparently committed by the same suspect.

According to the report, a student was sitting in a hallway in front of his classroom on January 11th, listening to his iPod, when the 18-year-old suspected gang member walked up and grabbed the MP3 player out of his hand. The man then ran out of the school.

Students told police they saw the man roaming the hallways in the school 20-30 minutes before the robbery, trying to sell marijuana to students. The report says the man is not a student at the school.

The day after the iPod theft, police believe the 18-year-old man pulled a knife on another student outside the school and stole his necklace. Staff at the school have been told to watch out for the man.