Debate Over State Assault Weapons Ban Getting Testy

Earlier today, Bellevue Police Chief Linda Pillo testified in support of Senate Bill 6396, which would ban certain shotguns, pistols, and rifles classified as assault weapons.

The Seattlepi.Com says Pillo was making the case that assault weapons have the potential to be more deadly than other firearms when Sen. Pam Roach jumped in:

“What is more or less lethal than those firearms that are defined in this bill as being an assault weapons?,” Roach asked the police chief.

Pillo responded: “Because of the multiple rounds that can be fired.”

Roach then asked: “How many rounds does it take to be fired (to be lethal)? ...the answer is one.”

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Adam Kline, a Democrat from Seattle and the assault weapon bill’s sponsor, then cut in.

“It takes one round to kill somebody, 10 rounds can kill 10 people..that’s the difference.”

Read the rest of the article to see what Debra Sullivan—mother of Aaron Sullivan, who was fatally shot with an assault rifle in Leschi last year—and the NRA have to say about the bill.