The Morning Blotter

Occasio Facit Furem: Seattle police arrested a Roosevelt High School student last week after the teen was busted breaking in to the school in the middle of the night. Police say the teen tripped an alarm at the school at about 3:30 a.m. on January 21st, and was spotted and detained by a school security officer. A police report says the teen was breaking into his Latin class—officers discovered a photo of the boy hanging in the classroom—and police found “multiple burglary tools” inside the teen’s backpack. It appears the teen entered the school by using a car jack to prop open a classroom window. Police weren’t sure what the teen took from the classroom. The teen was booked into jail for possession of burglary tools.

Problem Child: Teen charged for attack on Metro driver in Tukwila.

The Wheelman: Maurice Clemmons’ alleged driver makes court appearance.