CHS: Two Men Arrested After Standoff at Capitol Hill Construction Site

According to, police arrested two men early this morning following a standoff at the Joule apartments construction site.

The first call for officers to respond around 3:20 AM reported two suspicious men were somewhere inside the project. Two white males in light shirts, one wearing a knit hat, were spotted by video security at the site, according to police radio transmissions.

About ten minutes later, enough police units arrived to surrounded site. Officers held their positions to contain the scene. At 3:37 AM, a cop spotted the two men coming down from the second floor in the middle of the project and K9 unit made its way toward that side of the site chasing the men back up to the second floor. Officers began hailing the two men with a loudspeaker to try to get them to come out of the work site. The men were periodically spotted throughout the two-block development until around 3:45 AM when the K9 unit and officers entered the work site to attempt to take the men into custody. At 3:53 AM, an officer reported the two suspects had been taken into custody. A subsequent search of the buildings turned up no additional suspects.

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