The Morning Blotter

A woman reported that she was attacked by a man in his Interbay apartment last month after she refused to have sex with him. A police report says the woman—who was recently arrested for prostitution and is homeless—accompanied the man to a party at his apartment in the 3800 block of 14 AV W on January 27th. After the party, the woman slept on the man’s couch. The report says she was awoken in the middle of the night by the man—described in the report as a white male with an eye patch—who, the woman told police, put “his thing in [her] face” and kicked and punched her when she “wouldn’t put out.” After taking the woman’s report, police attempted to contact the man at his apartment but were unable to locate him.

The Wrong Man: Man targeted in Ballard SWAT operation on Tuesday says he’s not serial robber.

Fast Backup: State House passes legislation sparked by cop killings.

What’s up with crime on Capitol Hill? CHS and the Seattle U Spectator have the details.

Guilty: Seattle man convicted of a hate crime for racist tirade against parking attendant.