The Morning Blotter

Lots of cops—especially those that frequently deal with thefts and burglaries—will tell you that Craigslist is the bane of their existence. This is why:


I spoke with on the phone [with the victim], he said told me that sometime last week after Jan 14 his bike was stolen from his work. He later found his bike for sale on Craigslist. He was in contact with the person who had the bike posted. [The victim] and his brother spoke with at [phone number redacted]. They spoke several times in order to try and buy the bike back. But somehow lost contact with [the suspect] and he is no longer returning calls.

On the Run: Police looking for gang member wanted in connection with Maple Leaf home invasion.

Borderline Criminal: Retired border patrol agent under investigation for selling uniform on Craigslist in Mexico.

The Other Controversial Bail Out: King 5 says murder suspects are being let out of jail on low bail.

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“It’s not tampering in a typical sense”: Intelius co-founder returned to federal custody after attempting to arrange clandestine meeting with witness in strip club case.

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