Man Attacks Guard at City Light Facility

Police arrested a man at a city light facility last week after he attacked a guard, made a series of anti-cop statements, and tried to make off with a bunch of scrap metal from a construction site.

Shortly before 4:00 p.m. on February 3rd, the guard was sitting in a shack at the entrance to the facility when a man wandered onto the property. When the guard asked the man what he was doing there, the man responded “are you a pig?”

A police report says the man then reached into the guard shack and grabbed the guard by his collar, choking him. As he was doing so, the man told the guard “You look like a pig! I hate pigs!.” The guard fought off the man, who continued to shout “I hate pigs! I hope you die, pig! You’re going to die!” The report notes that the guard believed the man had a weapon of some kind.

After fighting with the guard, the man left the city light facility and walked across the street to a construction site. Police arrived and found the man, who was trying to collect scrap metal.

Police booked him into the King County Jail for assault and harassment