Observant Neighbor Catches Burglars in the Act

Police were able to arrest two burglars in South Seattle the Central District this morning after an observant neighbor saw the men breaking into a home and called 911.

On 2/10/10, at approximately 9:45 a.m., a witness/ complainant called 911 when he saw two suspects casing a home in the 800 block of 19 Av S.

He then saw 1 suspect knock on the door. When no one answered the suspect went towards the rear of the home. The other suspect stood by as a look out. 

Officers arrived quickly and apprehended the first suspect (the look out). Officers approached the front of the home and began a search for the second suspect.

Officers located the suspect in the rear of the home. He we ordered to the ground and appeared to be following instructions, when he took off running through the yards.

Officers pursued and after an extensive chase the suspect was apprehended. The suspect had burglary tools  and an empty carry bag in his possession. 

Both suspects a male 36-years-old and 54-years-old were booked into King County Jail for Investigation of Attempted Burglary.

Cops I talk to always say the reason they’re not able to catch more burglars is because people don’t call 911 when they see suspicious activity in their neighborhood. If you see someone who looks out of place, is peeking into cars, or kicking in doors at your neighbor’s home, you should probably call police.