FSU Member Assaults Man During Rock Show

According to a police report and our sources, a member of a gang known for violent altercations at hardcore shows in Seattle assaulted another man at El Corazon last week.

The February 3rd incident began when, according to the police report, a member of the Friends Stand United gang (FSU) began punching people in the club’s mosh pit. In response, the victim spit on the FSU member’s shoes. Although the report does not state the the suspect is part of FSU, our sources tell us that he is a known member of the group.

Club security saw that the two men were about to fight, and pulled the FSU member out of the club. As security staff were escorting him outside, he told them that the fight had started because the other man had spit on him.

Security went and grabbed the other man, and asked if he’d spit no the FSU member. According to the report, bouncers then “informed him that spitting is assault and that the other guy [the FSU member] was mad and that he should run.” As the bouncers were talking to the other man—and before he could flee—the FSU member came up, knocked the victim to the ground and kicked him in the face, knocking out one of his front teeth.

The FSU member then left the scene. Police and medics were called, and the victim was treated for his injuries. He told police he “had just as much fault as the [FSU member] in regards to the assault incident.”