Central District Gang Members Suspected in West Seattle Break-In

A West Seattle woman returned home from a funeral earlier this month to find that her home had been burglarized, possibly by members of the Central District gang the Deuce 8s.

On February 3rd, the woman called police and reported that two TVs, a video game system and a laptop had been taken from her home in the 4100 block of Delridge Way SW while she was out of state.

The report indicates several people may have stayed in the woman’s home while she was away. “Blankets in the bedrooms were found in the living room, dishes had been used and items from the refrigerator and pantry had been eaten. There were ashes and remnants from cigarettes and marijuana,” the police report says.

The woman told police she suspects her foster son—who, the report says, has connections to the Deuce-8 gang—may have been responsible for the break-in. The report says the boy has been living somewhere near 31st and Republican, and not with the woman, but that he knew she would be out of town.

Officers recovered fingerprints at the scene.