Things That Go Boom in the Night


SPD has released more information about a minor ‘spolosion in Laurelhurst we Tweeted about over the weekend:

On 2/13/10, at approximately 9:50 p.m., a loud explosion in the area of NE 45 St and 42nd Av NE prompted 911 calls. Responding officer found smoke coming from a garbage can in an unoccupied shelter near the sidewalk.

The covered metal garbage can was totally destroyed by the explosion. There were no suspects observed in the area prior to or after the incident. Seattle Fire Department responded, but there was no real fire involved and it was heavily raining at the time.

There was no damage to the shelter/bench area.

Our news partners over at Tweeted that police also got a call about another small explosion in the neighborhood last night.

Update: SPD also put out info about the second explosion:

On 2/14/10, at 10:15 p.m., a five gallon cooler, typically used as grocery store display, was placed at the corner of NE 55th St. and 31 Av NE and blown up with an unknown device.  There was a debris field of approximately 25 feet in all directions from the device. 

Seattle Fire was called to the explosion and responded from their station located one block to the east.  There were no witnesses or suspect information provided at this time.  The Arson bomb Unit responded to the scene to complete an investigation.