CHS: Roving Gang Assaults Two On Capitol Hill

Our news partners at CHS have some news on a string of violent assaults on Capitol Hill over the weekend:

According to police radio reports broadcast the night of the assaults, the suspects were described as five black males wearing hoodies and dark clothing. SPD says that as many as eight suspects may have been involved and that they were all wearing dark raincoats.

In the most brutal attack we’ve received information about, a man was jumped by a group of six to eight men near 15th Ave and Madison around midnight. The men attacked and tackled the man to the pavement as they kicked and punched. The force of the blow busted the man’s umbrella which we’re told he then wielded to scare off his attackers and thwarted the robbery.

About 10 minutes later, another assault involving a group of black males with similar descriptions was reported at 19th and Marion. One of the men ran at her shouting “Here I come” and struck her in the head with a broomstick. 

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