The Morning Blotter

What’d you miss last night?*

Well, the southbound lanes of the viaduct were shut down following a two-car accident, with one vehicle upside down on the viaduct and another on some nearby train tracks near the Starbucks building. Which led to this exchange:

Dispatcher to officer at the scene: You’ve got all media setting up behind you. Do you need a unit to control them?

Officer: eh, let ’em get hit by a train


  • Hazmat crews were dispatched to the Starbucks headquarters on Utah Ave S and S Holgate after an employee found a piece of mail filled with white powder. It apparently didn’t turn out to be anything harmful (probably just non-dairy creamer!).
  • A man busted out 2 TVs at the Taphouse Grill downtown and fled .
  • And police received a report of 20 or so kids having a big party on 6th Ave. The person who called 911 said there were guns, drugs, and gang members at the party. We never did hear a resolution on the call.**

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*Hopefully nothing else major happened between the time this post went up and the time we went to bed.

** You might be wondering: “Hey, why haven’t there been any new police report reports in awhile?” Well, that’s because SPD’s been taking its sweet-ass time releasing them. Last we checked, the department was a whopping 12 days behind in its reports. Remember how the McGinn administration’s supposed to be all about transparency and open government? I guess SPD didn’t get that memo. More crazy ranting on that soon.