On Last Night’s Police Chief Search Committee Meeting Meeting

I wasn’t able to make it to last night’s police chief search committee meeting at Franklin High School (I’ve been sick all week and a warm bed and Office reruns seemed like a better way to spend my evening given how the last meeting went) but luckily Seattlecrime.com reader Hmm just posted a rundown on the event in the comments. I’m reposting it here:

Franklin HS COP Meeting Wow. 15-20 people, minus the city employees.

About 10 people testifying.

One from a former female cop and one from former KC prosecutor.

One gal who spoke so fast that I could barely understand her.

Some passionate folks. Couple sounded like personal issues.

CM Tim Burgess was there and various advisers from Mayor’s office.

Tips on public speaking:

1. Slow down and speak clearly and calmly. Breathe. Relax.

2. Write down key points and practice. Public speaking is not easy and only gets better when you practice.

3. Do not ramble and stay on-topic and finish strongly with your key points. You do not need to use all 2 minutes.

My verdict: Good to hear differing opinions from different parts of the city. Will go to the Holly Park.

Need new fresh faces on the COP Panel, not the Usual Suspects with 20+ years of city involvement.

Thanks for your take on last night’s meeting, Hmm.

For those of you interested in attending the last search committee town hall meeting, it’s scheduled for February 26th  at 5:30 at the New Holly Gathering Center.