Shooting Near South Seattle Light Rail Station

A 24-year-old man was wounded in what appears to be a gang-related shooting in Mount Baker tonight. Here are updates on the incident as they happened:

Update: Police are looking for an older model green Impala with “big” chrome wire rims driving on MLK, and police are all over the transit station.

Update x2: At least one person shot in the incident. Tukwila police may be assisting on this one.

Update x3: Gang unit is being called in.

Update x4: It appears a 24-year-old man was shot in the arm. He’s being transported to Harborview. Not sure exactly what this means but we just heard the crime scene is “scattered over a half-a-block area.” Police are now looking for shell casings. Metro buses are being rerouted.

Update x5 (7:29 p.m.): It sounds like the shooting happened near—but not in—the light rail station. Police have found several .40 caliber shells at the scene.

Update x6: Police just received another report of shots fired in the 8400 block of Seward Park S.

Update x7: Officers have cleared the second shots fired call. No reports of injuries.

Update x8: Police are taking one person to the gang unit office at HQ. No word on whether it’s a suspect or witness.

Update x9: Officers in the East Precinct apparently saw the suspect vehicle at 21st and Union around noon today.

Update x10: Someone in the Impala may have yelled “Union Street” following the shooting, possibly referring to the Union Street Hustlers.

Update x11: As reader MJ just pointed out in the comments, the shooting took place about a mile from the Rainier Community Center where the city is holding its first Youth and Families Initiative meeting…to combat youth violence.

Update x12: It sounds like this was a drive-by shooting. Police have video of the incident which shows a black or dark blue or dark green early 90s Chevy impala, possibly followed by an SUV. The two vehicles pulled up near a group of men standing on a street corner and someone in one of the vehicles opened fire, striking one of the men on the street.

Update x13 (8:36 p.m.) Police have stopped a possible suspect vehicle at 21st and Union.

Update x14: It sounds like the 21/Union stop might not have been the car they were looking for. Officers have pulled over something like a half-dozen other Impalas and Caprices around the city in the last half-hour.