Man Says No to Drugs, Almost Gets Shot

A man was beaten and robbed at gunpoint on the Ave earlier this month after he refused to buy drugs from a group of men.

The victim was walking south on 47th and University Way NE at about 9:30 p.m. on February 13th when a group of four black males—all in their 20s and wearing dark clothing—stopped him and asked if he wanted to “buy some weed.”

The victim declined and asked the group of men to move out of his way. This apparently upset the group of men, who “jumped” the victim, hitting him in the face several times

The man fell to the ground and one of the group members grabbed his backpack and sweater, and threw the man’s cell phone on the ground. One of the men then pulled out a black handgun, loaded it, pointed it at the victim, and told him “you’re not going to walk away from this.” The victim told the gunman “just do it then, pull the trigger.” Instead, the group of men split up and fled in different directions.

The victim called 911 and police searched the area, but they were unable to locate any of the suspects.