The Morning Blotter: Prosecutors Charge Two For South Seattle Gay Bashing

King County Prosecutors have filed malicious harassment charges—Washington’s hate crime statute—against two men for an alleged anti-gay attack at a South Seattle community center last month..

Charging documents allege Adnan Basher Osman and Abdinasir Ahmed attacked another man at a Somailia New Year Party on January 3rd at the Filipino Community Center on Martin Luther King Jr Way and S Juneau.

According to court records, the victim was entering the center at around 1:30 a.m. when Ahmed and Osman attacked him. One of the men stepped in front of him and attacked the victim while the other man came at him from behind. Prosecutors allege both men shouted “you gay motherfucker” as they assaulted the victim.

Court documents say a security guard working the event witnessed the assault and was able to detain Osman. The other man, who prosecutors have identified as Ahmed, allegedly yelled “I wanna beat your ass, you gay ass motherfucker,” as he fled the scene.

Court records say the victim later told police that “in Somali culture, gay men are stoned to death simply for being gay.”

Police booked Osman into the King County Jail and later arrested Ahmed at his home in New Holly.

Charging documents allege Ahmed had “been telling others in the Somalian Community that he is going to kill [the victim] because he is gay.” The victim was apparently so afraid of his assailants that, prior to the attack, he had stopped attending his mosque to avoid them.