Will Racketeer For Food

The son of Seattle-area strip club magnate Frank Colacurcio says he’s broke and has been out of work ever since the feds raided his widdle ol’ family business last year.

From the Seattle Weekly:

Federal prosecutors say he was making $100,000 a month a couple years ago. But Frank Colacurcio Jr. says he’s close to broke, lost his strip club job and income, is unable to find work as a gas station attendant, and can’t pay child support – or even help his ex-wife pay her water bill. His ex isn’t buying any of it. He’s got two houses, four cars and, she says, his income has “always been” between $1 million and $2 million. “It is far from the truth that Frank is now penniless,” says Tina Colacurcio, who has received a $738 water shutoff notice.