Man Offers Ride, Gets Robbed In Eastlake

What happens when you try to be nice and offer someone a ride? You get robbed.

At about 12:45 am on February 20th, a man was walking to his car after leaving a bar in Eastlake when another man approached him and asked for 50 cents for a phone call. The victim handed the man a dollar.

The suspect then asked the victim for a ride, but the victim declined. The two men got to talking and somehow the suspect guilt-tripped the man into giving him a ride.

The two men went to a nearby convenience store and bought beer before they headed to the University District to buy the suspect a gas can. The men were driving back to Eastlake when, the report says, the suspect told the victim he had a gun and demanded that he drive him to an ATM on Capitol Hill.

The suspect forced the man to withdraw and hand over $200, and stole the victim’s cell phone. The suspect then told the victim to drop him off at E Olive St and Martin Luther King Jr Way.

The victim called police the next day and police were able to obtain footage of the suspect from the convenience store’s security cameras. The report does not indicate whether an arrest was made.