Man Turns Himself In For Wallingford Stabbing, Isn’t Arrested

Hours after a police were called to the scene of a stabbing in Wallingford on February 23rd, a man walked in to the North Precinct, confessed to the crime, and handed over a knife, a police report says.

Just before midnight, the man—accompanied by two other men—walked into the North Precinct and told the officer at the front desk he had been involved in the stabbing earlier that evening at the 7-11 on 40th Ave and Stone Way. According to police, two men got into a fight at about 6:15 p.m. on February 23rd and the victim apparently smashed out the suspect’s car windows with a crowbar. The suspect then stabbed the man once in the back.

At the precinct, the man claiming to be the suspect produced a sandwich bag containing a folding knife, and handed it over to officers.

The report says officers took the knife into evidence, consulted with homicide detectives—who handle serious assault investigations—gave the man a business card with a case number, and sent him on his way.

The report does not indicate what lead to the stabbing.

Seattle police would comment on why the man wasn’t arrested or whether he is considered a suspect.

UPDATE @ 6:51pm:  According to Seattle police, investigators now believe the man with the knife was acting in self-defense, and that he—and his girlfriend, who was with him during the incident—were actually the victims in the crime.