Police Arrest Metro Bus Purse Snatcher

Seattle police arrested a purse snatcher in South Seattle last week after the woman robbed and threatened another woman—who was carrying her young child—on a Metro bus.

The victim told police she was on a Metro bus with her three-month-old child at about 12:45 on February 23rd when another woman—described as a black female 19-20 years old, wearing a black, red and white coat with gray sweats—approached her and started asking her questions about her Coach purse and snatched it out of the victim’s hands.

When the victim asked the suspect to give the purse back, a police report says the suspect told her “I’m not giving you your purse back bitch. I’ll punch you in your mother fucking mouth. Your face ain’t pregnant, I’ll punch you in your mouth.”

When the victim went up to the front of the bus to tell the Metro driver about the incident, the suspect ran off the bus with the purse, which also had $200 inside.

The victim followed the suspect off the bus and flagged down a police officer who was responding to the incident.

Police found the suspect hiding in a parking lot in the 1100 BLK of Valentine Pl S. When officers brought the victim over to identify the suspect, the report says she apologized to the victim.

Police arrested the woman—who also had a misdemeanor warrant for drug possession—and booked her into the King County Jail for robbery.