Standoff on Capitol Hill


Police have locked down Denny Way between Boylston and Belmont. So far we’ve heard a man has barricaded himself in his apartment.

Our news partners at Capitol Hill Seattle will be providing updates shortly.

UPDATE: According to SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson, police received a cal about gunfire at about 8:00 p.m. tonight. One round from a small caliber gun was fired out of a first floor apartment window, which made its way into a unit in another apartment building. Police have since surrounded the building where the shot was fired from and shut down the surrounding street.

Jamieson says there are no injuries.

Our news partners at Capitol Hill Seattle are on scene and have spoken with Jamieson who says

[T]his is less a standoff and more of an
‘abundance of caution’ as police attempt to contact the man who lives
in the apartment. “We don’t know if he’s in there,” Jamieson said. 

In short, police are still trying to figure out double-you tee eff is going on.

I finally went to bed at whatever o’clock last night, but CHS stayed with it until the end. According to CHS:

SWAT entered the apartment and found nobody there and police are calling the situation “resolved” for the night. Denny Way has re-opened and people are being allowed to return to their apartments. SPD said the investigation of the situation will continue.


And now the official word from the SPD Blotter:

On March 3rd, shortly after 8:00 PM, East Precinct officers responded to a call of shots fired in the 500 Block of East Denny Way. Officers arrived and contacted the victim, who stated that he was inside his apartment when he heard the sound of a window breaking. He stated that it sounded like someone from outside had struck his apartment window, breaking it. Upon further investigation, he discovered two small bullet holes in the window, and at least one bullet hole in the window frame. A bullet was recovered from the window frame. It was determined that the most likely direction that the bullet travelled was from the first floor apartment of the next door building, just to the west. There officers located a bullet hole in that apartment’s window as well. There were no reported injuries. As officers were preparing to make contact with the occupants of that apartment, the resident approached them outside the building and stated that he did not believe that any one should be inside his apartment. However, he did reveal to officers that he had let friend stay there earlier in the day, and that his friend may have had access to a gun. The resident also stated that he did not know where his friend was at that particular moment, since he had just arrived home and found officers outside his building. Officers spent a considerable amount of time attempting to contact the resident’s friend and made a slow and deliberate entrance into the apartment and determined that it was clear. The street was reopened and the investigation continues.