Detective Spends Nearly $17,000 On Lap Dances, Makes Zero Arrests

Hoo boy.

The PI has the scoop:

Objecting to a new claim by prosecutors that prostitution is back at the clubs, attorneys for one of the accused now says the government’s effort has turned the FBI into “a vice squad.” An attorney representing another defendant has claimed that investigatory reports show one undercover officer spent at least $16,835 buying more than 130 lap dances without making a single arrest.

Is it ridiculous that law enforcement is spending $17,000 on lap dances? Absolutely. But police may have good reason for continuing their unfortunately expensive investigations into the Colacurcio-owned strip clubs in the Seattle area.

According to prosecutors, women working at the club were effectively forced in to prostitution in order to make their “rent,” the money they had to kick up to their bosses. That makes it kinda hard to argue that the prostitution allegedly going on in these clubs was a victimless crime.

Still, I’m not sure why police didn’t give up and try a different, cheaper tactic after their first 50, 75, or 100 lap dances were a bust.