The Morning Blotter: Gang Assault In the Central District

A group of possible gang members assaulted a man in the Central District last week after a dispute over parking quickly got out of hand, a police report says.

At about 6:30pm on March 2nd, a man and his daughter were sitting a car outside of a 99 cent store in the lot of Mid-town Center at 23rd and Spring when another vehicle pulled up behind them and boxed them in.

The father got out of the car and asked the group of three men in the other vehicle to move. The man got into an argument with the group, who told the man “this is union St” and “do you know where you are, this is union”, a possible reference to the Union Street Hustlers gang. During the argument, the report says one of the group members “sucker punched” the man in the jaw.

The man’s daughter pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911, but one of the suspects slapped the phone out of her hand. The group of men then got back in their car and drove off.

According to the report, the suspects are described as a black male in his late teens to early 20’s with an afro under a hat; and two identical twins, both black males in their early 20s.

The victim’s daughter told police she recognized the twins from Rainier Beach High School.