Pot Does Not Cause Crime. It Solves It.

And I have proof!!!!

Seattle police officers were called to a cafe in Belltown around 1:00 on March 7th after the owner of the business found a man stealing bags of cash.

A police report says owner of a cafe at 5th and Bell told police he had walked into his office earlier in the evening and found a man holding several of the business’s money bags.

The man told the suspect to drop the bags, and he did. Sort of.

The suspect threw several bags and the man, tucked one inside his jacket, kicked the owner, and ran out of the cafe.

The owner chased after the man and latched onto him in an alley, the report says, and told him “You mother fucker, you are staying with me!”

The owner called 911 while holding on to the suspect, who told him “No listen, I have some weed on me and I don’t want any problems!”

According to the report, “the suspect reached into his jacket and gave the grey moneybag to [the owner] then ran off.”

Police searched the area, but were unable to locate the suspect.