The Morning Blotter: The Big Bad Wolf of Beacon Hill

Police are investigating a possible attempted sexual assault in South Seattle after a man followed a woman around Beacon Hill in his car, pulled a knife on her, and demanded sex.

According to a police report—which, not to trivialize the incident, reads like a creepy re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood—the woman got off a Metro bus in the 4500 block of Beacon Ave S around 3 a.m. on March 8th and headed to a friend’s house.

The woman told officers she got lost on the way to her friend’s home and, as she was wandering around the neighborhood, a “light brown or gold colored full sized American-made 4 door vehicle” pulled up next to her near 20th Ave S and S Ferdinand and the driver offered her a ride.

The woman declined the man’s offer and kept on walking.

The driver than told the woman “he was a good guy” and asked for her name, but the woman ignored him and kept walking.

Moments later, the report says, the driver got out of his car holding a knife and told the woman “I want sex.” 

The woman ran to a nearby home and pounded on the front door until a neighbor let her inside and called police.

The driver ran back to his car and fled.

Police searched the neighborhood but were unable to find the man. Officers took the woman’s report and drove her to her grandmother’s house.