The Morning Blotter: Bike Rage

The ongoing car vs. cyclist war in Seattle gets a little bit uglier every day. Police are investigating a bike vs motorist duel in downtown Seattle after a cyclist allegedly flipped out and smashed the back end of a car in an apparent case of road rage last week.

At about 9:50am on March 9th, a driver was headed down 6th and Olive when a cyclist pulled alongside him. The driver and the cyclist continued down 6th Ave, and the cyclist failed to turn in a turn-only lane.

After the  driver almost collided with the cyclist, the cyclist apparently went nuts. The police report indicates the cyclist smashed the back end of the car—leaving several puncture marks in the body of the vehicle—and told the driver he should “watch his back.”

According to the report: “When  the victim “told [the suspect] that the police were being called he initially stated “Good! Call the police!” After a few moments, the cyclist realized the man wasn’t kidding and fled the scene.

It does not appear police made any arrests in this incident.