Man Charged For Frat House Burglaries. Will He Use the Panty Raid Defense?

King County prosecutors have filed burglary charges against a man who allegedly broke into several frat houses and an apartment in the University District last year.

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Jailed early Tuesday morning, Brandon Lyndell Johnson faces three residential burglary counts following allegations that he repeatedly snuck into one U-District frat house and burglarized a nearby apartment. According to court records, Johnson recently completed a three-month jail sentence in a break in at another UW fraternity.

Prosecutors claim Johnson was first caught inside the Sigma Nu fraternity, located in the 1600 block of Northeast 47th Street, in the early morning hours of Sept. 24.

During that incident, a neighbor called a student living in the house to report that a man was breaking through a window. The student found a window slightly open and heard footsteps on an upper floor.