Shoplifter Gets Violent In Pinehurst

It’s been far too long since we’ve had a report from Pinehurst (aka the new 3rd and Pine!), so here’s a fun one:

At about 8:15 pm on March 10, police were called to a grocery store in the 11100 block of Roosevelt Way NE to deal with a shoplifter.

When officers arrived, they found security staff struggling with a woman who, the report says, had stolen four bottles of wine—which she’d stuck in her hand bag—and five air fresheners, which she had stuffed in her bra.

According to the report, security staff confronted the woman in the store’s parking lot after she left the store without paying for the wine and boob fresheners.

At first, the report says, the woman handed over her bag and told the security guards “she was sorry.” However, as soon as the guards took control of the woman’s hand bag, she “began yelling she was getting raped [and] began kicking, hitting and scratching” both security guards.

The report says the woman kicked one guard in the groin, and hit the other in the chest and scratched his face.

Police found that the woman had several warrants for theft and possession of stolen property and was carrying “several burglary tools used to cut off tags and security devices” and took her in to custody for robbery.

Oh, Pinehurst. Don’t ever change.